About Themi

Themi was created by Emmy & Theo; two siblings from Chicago. The Themi shop is a step above summer lemonade stands, custom beaded bracelets, and unique slime that Emmy loves to take part in. She has always loved selling things because of how special it makes her feel that anyone wants something she created. Theo is really just along for the ride. What better way for siblings to grow and love on another more and more than through a small business venture?

Mom & Dad, have always loved the idea of the kiddos understanding that you have to work for what you want. & Although Themi is a shop for fun there is something so special about creating something from scratch and seeing the fruit of its labor through every purchased item, support provided, and shout out given. In life there are little wins in each day, and Emmy & Zo feel like winners with just the creation of Themi alone! 

As two young kids with a bright future ahead of us, we want to say that we tried something, gave it our all, and had fun while doing it. 
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